Current years: 2008 – Present


During 2008, the children’s market changed due to import of dresses from China, and I was unable to compete with the lower prices.

  1. Because I had a moderate fabric stash, I decided to become a quilter of children quilts, memory quilts, and table runners, and I truly enjoy the creating process.
  2. One day, while looking for a sewing book for my own library, I met another merchant. He had a smart phone and was using it to price and note the availability of religious books. We discussed selling books on line, and decided to add sewing books to my eBay store. The books sell mainly during the fall and winters when folks are indoors most of the day. And since I know the importance of eating healthy, I also sell cookbooks.  I also purchased collegiate jewelry and diaper bags and added them to my eBay store.
  3. In June 2013, I retired and experienced surgery and treatment for cancer. The battle to overcome cancer impacted the quality of my life, and I decided not to pursue craft show because it was tiring to set up and dismantle the products by myself. I am reducing the inventory of quilts sewn for craft shows using the social media as my venue and focusing on customized quilting.
  4. I also decided to discontinue the credit card terminal service and added the credit card function to my PayPal account with e-Bay.
  5. My community service projects include: Quilts for Kids, Pillow cases for Con Kerr, Linus blankets, and throws for the Carrie Steele Orphan Home.
  6. In 2015, I joined East Cobb Quilters Guild and participated in their biannual quilt show.
  7. Through the years, my profit margin have remained slim. Yet, my ancestors were not entrepreneurs. So I leave a legacy for my family, and a journey to share with other home-based businesses. And I am grateful that my business keeps me excited about quilting and sharing the love of fabric with others.

Featured fabric image “Sewing Notions” designed by M’Liss Rae Hawley

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