Up and Running: Years 2000 – 2008



  1. To help the business grow, I realized I needed a website. I reviewed several internet host companies. I developed and uploaded the Adorable Kids website using Microsoft’s “Front Pages” program. Since I was novice to web development, I purchased  several books on the subject, and designing the web site on paper in order to gather the appropriate data and photos of my business. Finally, came the day when I hit the “Publish” button.
  2. Merchant Credit card service was needed because customers found credit cards easier to use at craft show. Finding a vendor that believed in my small business was a challenge, but finally I met one who believed my vision  and I purchased a credit card terminal.
  3. At a local craft show, another vendor suggested selling my products on e-Bay. So, another business opportunity became available. But first, I did the research about eBay, purchased and read books, and signed up for an on-line eBay store, Gifts for Kids and their Families.
  4. I considered pageant dresses, attended two shows, and decided not to enter the market because while it was a profitable business, my philosophy on raising daughters conflicted with the attitudes of some of the women.  In order to meet other women who shared my visions, I joined the American Sewing Guild and Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild and attended meetings and classes.
  5. As a business owner, I realized I could purchase accessories for my business from the Atlanta Gift Mart. When I met the merchant qualification, I decided to attend at least one gift show per year, purchased jewelry and include them on my e-Bay store.
  6. To keep abreast of competition, I often went to shopping malls and visited children clothing stores.  And that is how I met a friendly owner of a consignment store.  She was a great supporter, and collected 10% of my sales for Christening outfits as well as several customized order for nursery quilts and throws.  I was disheartened when several years later, for family reasons, she closed the store.

Featured fabric image, “Sewing Notions” designed by M’Liss Rae Hawley.

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